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1 September

Celebrating 37 Years of Promoting Dance

Bristol Dance Centre is striving to deliver a Bristol Dance House worthy of this great European City and Regional Capital.

We believe that the current absence of a fully resourced dance facility to be an omission in Bristol's cultural provision and we urgently seek your support in addressing this situation.

The Centre feels that it is unjustifiable, at a time of increasing recognition of the benefits of dance, that Bristol's diverse communities cannot currently enjoy the type of comprehensive dance facilities established across the UK's National Dance Agency Network.


Our vision is to realise the enormous potential of our current home within the former Victorian baths at Jacobs Wells Road, Hotwells.

The first phase of our proposal involves consolidating the historic listed fabric of our premises, built by the Victorians with a confidence and style calculated to inspire.

We are mindful that the former Victorian baths are an important feature of Bristol's architectural heritage, built on a scale and excellence probably impossible to replicate in modern times and therefore imperative to preserve.

The Centre recognises that the ongoing preservation of its historic premises is dependent on a viable contemporary usage. The height, light and space of the former Victorian baths is an ideal context in which to promote the Centre's breadth of dance styles.

Both the Jacobs Wells baths and Bristol Community Dance Centre have become synonymous with a dance ethos which encourages excellence and inclusivity. The project attracts attendance from across Bristol's diverse communities and achieves break even trading despite the current harsh economic climate.


Main Studio / Dual Dance Performance Space

There is currently a shortage of opportunity for the Bristol public to view professional Contemporary Dance.


Please enjoy viewing this virtual walk-through of the Centre's vision for the creation of an iconic dual studio and performance space for Bristol.

We trust that you found the Centre's vision both inspiring and thought provoking.

We very much wish to engage with Bristol's communities in order to obtain what YOU would wish to be included in the development of a Dance House for Bristol.

Please forward any ideas, suggestions etc. to so as to inform the proposed development.

The Centre would also welcome meetings with interested individuals, organisations, dance artists and enthusiasts etc with a view to establishing a Bristol Dance House Working Party.

If you believe that the Centre's premises and 37 year track record of promoting dance offers a sound foundation on which to build a Dance House of international quality, please send your views direct to the Mayor of Bristol, George Ferguson, via the Bristol City Council website:
or email us at
for us to redirect to the mayor.